Ihr Slogan



Companies act climate-neutrally for future generations in order to secure life on earth

The sustainability goals of the UN (Agenda 2030 -
sustainable development goals - SDGs) are our guiding principle - they form a basis for the design of economic progress, in accordance with social justice and respect for the ecological limits.

Our vision is that life on earth should be remains possible for future generations.

Specifically, CLEARLY efficient contributes to drastically reducing the climate-relevant emissions of our customers to help stop global warming to 1.5°C and prevent the associated disasters.


We develop the measures that make companies - with at least the same productivity – climate neutral

Together with our clients and business partners we
develop sustainable, climate-friendly solutions, energy efficient & sufficient measures for

  • intrinsically motivated entrepreneurs who want to become climate neutral
  • or those who currently need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (pressure from customers / supply chain, stakeholders, pressure from rising costs, pressure from financial markets, etc.)

We are aimed at manufacturing industrial companies, to commercial enterprises, building developers and real estate companies.


Central standards & values guide and accompany our actions