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Energy efficiency consulting for Trade & Industry


Industrial & commercial customers

Overview of measures to increase energy efficiency Quantification of measures
Prioritisation for the implementation of measures


  • Evaluation of existing energy consumption values (load curve analyses, distribution of energy flows/ -groups)
  • On-site inspection of energy consumption of supply and process plants;
  • Identification and evaluation of potential savings
  • Evaluation of the feasibility of measures (economic & technical)
  • Evaluate synergies and added value of actions

3-10 person days

EnMS: energy assessment,  Evaluation & Assessment of Significant energy users

Industrial & commercial customers

Energy review of the organisation

Compliant identification and evaluation of significant energy users and relevant variables (influencing variables)

  • Energy management
  • Energy review of the organisation ISO 50001
  • Identify significant energy users
  • Develop system boundaries, determine the main relevant variables,
  • Develop appropriate measurement concepts (energy demand & relevant variables) ISO 50015
  • Develop baseline & model (normalisation & evaluation) and preparatory monitoring ISO 50006
  • Preparation of automated data acquisition

2-5 person days

Network Energy Efficiency (sector specific & across all sectors)

Industrial & commercial customers

Exchange of experience among like-minded companies
Achievement of objectives higher collectively than individually

  • Preparation and implementation of 3-4 network or round-table meetings per year (usually 3 years);
  • 8 -15 participants from the industry
  • Develop network goal and monitoring
  • Individual advice for participants (2-5 days)
  • Know-how transfer and exchange of experience at the network meetings (energy efficiency)

Depending on size, scope & duration of the network