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Climate management 


Industrial & commercial customers

Development of clear GHG accounting & reporting and strategy
Implementation of the strategy into the core business processes

  • Prepare GHG accounting & reporting for the company
  • Development of a climate strategy (definition of a target path and development of measures)
  • Preparation of automated data management
  • Monitoring the achievement of set objectives
  • Embedding in central processes of the company
  • Support for internal and external communication

Depending on scope & duration of the project

Energy management

Industrial & commercial customers
Real estate clients

Stakeholder analysis
Opportunities & Risks Analysis
Structuring of energy data management
Energy performance indicator systems

  • Development of the strategic energy process: stakeholder analysis, process map(s), opportunities & risks (workshop format) based on ISO 50001
  • Planning process collection of energy data & influencing/ relevant variables
  • Development of reliable energy performance indicators (& -systems)

2-4 person days each